100 days in Ulsan South Korea

Yesterday was my 100th day in South Korea! What a treat it was to share it with friends. I planned a Thanksgiving and invited a few close friends. I was a bit overwhelmed when I realized I would be cooking an entire dinner with just one stove top burner. Needless to say it was my first time creating the menu and preparing the Thanksgiving meal by myself. Last year I was living Spain for Thanksgiving and went to a fancy turkey dinner.
But everything turned out fantastic thanks to the help of my sous chef  :) and a organized hand written plan of what food item would be cooked during what phase (there were three phases…lol). Anyway the meal was lovely and I was happy to also have the dinner, unknowingly, on my 100th day in Korea. 
Some friends purchased a cake to celebrate my 3 month time mark. It was at that point when we prepared the cake with candles I realized its been 100 days exactly:)

Check out my food story of my Thanksgiving in Korea!

The celebration cake! It was sooo delicious

I decided to try Chef Johns (google  Foodwishes if you have no idea who he is ) recipe for no bake mac and cheese! It was super cool learning how to make a “white sauce” :) I looked for a long time in Home Plus trying to find cheeses that would work in this dish. Cheese in KOREA IS EXPENSIVE! But it turned out really good none the less. Next time I need to add more salt since the cheeses were not as salty as I anticipated. 

Making the topping for my mac & cheese

“with my white sauce, with my white sauce”!…Remember that song “In my white tee”??…OK never mind :(

Had to improvise!

Added cheese to the white sauce and a bit more milk-y!

 My sous chef came after I was finishing the Mac & Cheese. So we prepared the rest of the dishes  together!.

Sous chef helping with the stove top Jerk chicken.

Jerk chicken made on the stove top. I have to do a separate post about this dish. Because Jerk chicken is normally done on a grill or in the oven if you are not grilling. 

 So its not a Jamaican holiday meal if there is no rice and peas. *sigh* So I couldn’t find any long grain rice so I used the Korean rice which is short and makes sticky rice. I thought my rice and peas was an EPIC FAIL. But everyone liked it :)

Sticky rice

Tasted like my moms rice and peas…almost :)

Ready to eat!!!!!!

The spread

Small gathering in my small abode !

I was proud of my meal! And the help of my sous chef saved me tremendously. 

Can you believe I have a ton of left overs! God is good and I am thankful for such a beautiful 100th day in Korea.

“In my white sauce, in my white sauce!”…hahaha



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